Compare the best local new car deals for free

Check out the best new car deals in the Lower Mainland
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Compare the best local new car deals for free

Check out the best new car deals in the Lower Mainland

Let us know what new car you want and we’ll contact every dealer in the Lower Mainland simultaneously for FREE then get dealers to enter a bidding war so you’ll never have to negotiate again!

Step 1- Build your new car

Choose your car, favourite colours, and how you’d like to pay
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Step 2- Create an Account

Don’t worry we won’t share your information with anyone unless you ask us to

Step 3- Confirm Your Inquiry

Review your build and send! Enjoy your day and we’ll email you when the deals are ready.
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Step 4- Pick the best deal for you

Select your favourite deal. You can only choose one so double check!

Step 5- Book a test drive

Now that you have the best deal in town it’s time to go for a spin. Enjoy!
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Auto-mates was founded in late 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. While the rest of the world changed we noticed an industry that was rooted in place and having a difficult time adapting: automotive sales. We set out to find a way to help not only the consumer but the dealerships as well. With some of us having a background in automotive we knew there were a lot of good dealerships out there. We just needed to find a way to open the lines of communication between dealers and consumers. By taking some of the best practises of honest dealerships and mixing them with the best practises of savvy car buyers we created a new platform: auto-mates.
Here, transparency and communication are key. By using our service, dealers have agreed: to honor their prices on new vehicles, be honest and clear, provide information on vehicles that they have in stock, and offer great deals to customers without the hassle of being in the dealership. When using our software consumer information will not be divulged to dealerships until an appointment is booked. No more email barrages. Just honest stores giving honest deals to happy clients. Going to a dealership just got a lot less scary.

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Here at auto-mates, we strive off the support and feedback of our users. Please use the form below if you have any questions about our services: